The Life Changing Magic of…Digital Receipts

I’ve been a big believer in functional minimalism for a while, but Netflix’s release of Marie Kondo’s show Tidying Up has really reminded me (and the rest of the country, apparently) of how important it is to keep things SIMPLE.

If you’re unfamiliar with Marie Kondo, one of the main principles of her KonMari philosophy is to only hold onto the things that “spark joy.” Do you know what doesn’t spark joy, for me or for any of my clients? PAPER RECEIPTS in every nook and cranny of their homes, offices, jackets, pants and bags.

I’m well aware of the importance of solid record keeping (and so is the IRS), so I’m not advocating getting rid of receipts altogether, but rather than hold onto the paper version, switch to a digital system.

My favorite app for this is ReceiptBank, and it’s the one I provide for free for all of my clients. Convenient, quick, IRS-compliant and guaranteed to not cover your laundry with little bits of forgotten receipt paper. Take a photo, type in a quick description, and with one click send it directly to your bookkeeping professional.

Give it a try and let the joy start sparking!

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